Company Personnel

Operations and Production

Charles Cutter

Charles ‘Chuck’ Cutter started Cutter Oil and drilled his first well in Wayne County in 1982. Chuck takes a common sense, hands-on approach to oil and gas production and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. This philosophy has served him well as he has produced some of the largest oil and gas wells on record in the state of Ohio. Chuck passed away on November 12th, 2010. His wife and kids all continue to move forward with the perseverance that he instilled in each one of them.

Chuck would have been extremely proud to learn that upon the completion of 2010, Cutter Oil was the second largest producer in the state of Ohio with the highest per well production of any company in the state.

Elizabeth Cutter

Beth started Cutter Oil with Chuck. Since the beginning, she has been in charge of all financial aspects of the company. She now serves as President of Cutter Oil and to this day, she still maintains all corporate accounting and production records, files the necessary permits, and disburses the royalties to the landowners each month.

CJ Cutter

CJ is second generation in the company and has taken the lead since House Bill 278 was passed. Aside from oil and gas production, he has a background in commercial and residential land development. This expertise enables Cutter Oil to provide best-in-class reclamation and landscaping. CJ is in charge of field operations, which includes building drill locations, well reclamation, landscaping, and production. All landowners will have a close relationship with CJ throughout the entire process.

Josh Cutter

Josh is the youngest son of Chuck and Beth and recently graduated from the University of Akron with a degree in Geology. He is responsible for well maintenance and inspection, painting, reclamation, and landscaping.

Ray Anthony

Ray is the newest member of the Cutter family who is married to Kristin. He has stepped in as CJ’s right hand man and manages most of field operations now that CJ has taken the lead role in the company.

Susan Dunn

Suzie is Beth’s younger sister who works in the office with Beth and Kristin. She is vital to the day to day operations along with royalty disbursements and commercial transactions.

Land Acquisition

Kristin Cutter Anthony

Kristin is the daughter of Chuck and Beth, heads up land acquisition, especially in urban areas. She is responsible for lease preparation, assignment, title searches, and recording. She also is second in command in the office.

Dave Palider

Dave has been working with Cutter Oil for 17 years in land acquisition. His responsibilities include lease preparation, assignment, title searches, and recording.

Information Technology

Shawn Cutter

Shawn is the son of Chuck and Beth and is in charge of all information systems for Cutter Oil. He is also the president of Fielding Systems, a web-based software company providing real-time, process automation solutions for the oil and gas industry. Fielding Systems began as a few internal applications for Cutter Oil that Shawn created to aid in the management of operations Shawn graduated with a BA and BS from Miami University and holds many other Microsoft and other technical certifications.

Cutter Oil has a proven ability to get the most out of our wells. Our wells produce more in the beginning and have a much longer life than any competitor, ultimately translating into more money for our landowners.