In this day and age, we understand that one of the landowner’s biggest concerns is the environment. We have all seen the effects of reckless behavior on the environment. Cutter Oil takes every possible precaution to ensure the safety of the environment in all surrounding areas. We treat each landowner’s property as if it were our own.


Protecting the Environment

  • Pit liners
  • Water table testing
  • Silt runoff fencing

Protecting your Water

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has very strict rules that are in place to ensure that a landowner’s water is not affected by drilling an oil and gas well. ODNR requires water testing on any water well within 500 feet of any oil and gas well. Cutter Oil goes far beyond this by testing any water well within 1000 feet of any of our oil and gas wells.

Cutter Oil has a proven ability to get the most out of our wells. Our wells produce more in the beginning and have a much longer life than any competitor, ultimately translating into more money for our landowners.