Best Practices: Drilling

Drill on Fluid

Explanation: Most of the oil and gas drilling in Ohio is either performed “on air” or “on fluid” with the majority being on the former. The distinction between the two is, as their names suggest, what is above the drill bit to the top of the surface. On air means that there is nothing but air above the drill bit to the top of the surface while on fluid means that there is a heavy fluid mixture from the bit to the top of the surface. There are numerous, shallow formations that can contain natural gas pockets from the surface to the target producing depth. When the drill bit enters these shallow formations and it is being drilled on air, the natural gas is released to the surface which can pose a potential danger to the landowners in the area and environment. When these gas pockets are entered and the well is being drilled on fluid, the fluid keeps this unwanted gas right where it belongs, underneath the ground.

Result: This costs Cutter Oil more money during the drilling process, but it ensures the safety of its landowners and also others in the area.

Coordination with Local Officials

Explanation: Cutter Oil works directly with the local police and fire departments to keep them informed throughout the entire process. This is especially critical during the drilling process because there are also area residents that have questions or concerns due to activity caused by the drilling process.

Result: This coordination with the local police departments is especially helpful because it helps reduce any traffic issues that may occur due to the equipment move in and move out process.

Run Bond Log

Explanation: This process analyzes the cement job down to the producing formation of a well. Cement is used to seal the producing formation so there is oil or gas no leakage up from the producing to the surface.

Result: This is a safety precaution that is taken that is NOT required by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. This is done at an added expense to Cutter Oil but is another step that can be taken to ensure the safety of area residents and also the water supply.

Water testing

Explanation: The state regulation requires that water samples be taken for any property within 500 feet of any well. Cutter Oil takes water samples for all landowners within 1000 feet of any of our wells.

Result: This ensures that the safety of the water supply in the area.

Cutter Oil has a proven ability to get the most out of our wells. Our wells produce more in the beginning and have a much longer life than any competitor, ultimately translating into more money for our landowners.