Best Practices: Equipment

New Equipment

Explanation: Some people may be surprised by the fact that a lot of equipment in oil and gas can be reused again and again and it often is. Like with many things, the majority of the time used equipment performs the same as new equipment. This equipment includes the pipe that is used for the wells itself, pump jacks, storage tanks, gas valves, and meters. Some things are vitally more important to the safety of the well than others. If faulty pipe is used it could be worn and begin to leak. A leak in any line has the potential for major negative consequences. A leak a storage tank could result in an oil spill that would contaminate the environment.

Result: A lot of producers prefer used equipment because it saved them money, but when it comes to peace of mind and the safety of our landowners, this is not something that we can afford to do. Cutter Oil pays a premium on the new equipment in order mitigate the risk of problems such as oil and gas leakages.

Meter Run

Explanation: The meter run is the equipment used to sell gas into a commercial sales line. It is common practice to put this equipment right beside the point at which the sales line connects to the commercial gas line. This point is normally at the edge of the landowner’s property near the road because most gas lines run alongside the road. Placement of these pipes in the front yard is unsightly, so Cutter Oil places the meter run inside the board-on-board fencing together with the separator and tank battery so that it is hidden from view.

Result: Other producers fail to see the little things that can be done to make an oil and gas well sight aesthetically pleasing and to keep the property the way it was before the well was put in. For the most part, saving money determines what other producers are willing to do, but in this case, the added cost is very little compared to the benefit conferred upon the landowners by preserving the appearance of their yard.

Cutter Oil has a proven ability to get the most out of our wells. Our wells produce more in the beginning and have a much longer life than any competitor, ultimately translating into more money for our landowners.